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Why you should take collagen in your 20's

Why you should take collagen in your 20's
Your 20’s are your skins youngest and freshest years, without the worry of wrinkles or fine lines. Anti-ageing may seem irrelevant and some may even roll their eyes of needing collagen supplements, however, it is never too early to start putting those preventing measures in place.


Are you too young for collagen?

The simple answer is no. Many myths and articles have suggested that collagen is for an older generation, or ageing skin- this is false information. Your body begins to deplete collagen from your mid 20’s by 1.5%. This may not seem like a lot, but if you prevent this loss from an early age your skin will maintain its youthful glow and most importantly, wrinkle-free.

Why is collagen good for you to start taking from a younger age?

As we know, collagen is hugely important, and signs of collagen loss can include dull, sagging skin with wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. With the skin being the body’s largest organ, it is important to keep it topped up with water, vitamins and collagen supplements. If we were to compare two lifestyles.  A woman who has smoked their whole life, been exposed to excessive sun exposure and consumed a fairly poor diet compared to a woman who has lived mostly a healthy lifestyle with collagen supplementation, you will see a huge difference. The most obvious differences will be one with much healthier skin, bright eyes, strong hair and healthy nails. Having poor lifestyle habits could contribute to even faster collagen depletion, promoting a more rapid ageing process.

Collagen makes up 90% of the skins structural proteins and is known as Type I collagen, making it the most important to nurture to prevent signs of ageing. By the age of 40, the body has lost 30% of its entire collagen levels, which unfortunately will not come back. So, while 1.5% per year doesn’t seem a lot, the effects can develop quickly.

Can increasing our collagen level's prevent acne?

We all wish for clear radiant skin and with the hectic daily lifestyles of a millennial (pre lockdown) and everyday pollution, this almost feels impossible, no matter how regimented we are with our skincare routine and water intake. However, with a combination of vitamins and collagen supplementation. We will start to see increased signs of radiance and reductions in breakouts. Not only this but there have been reports of collagen supporting the prevention of acne and eczema, reducing flare-up and inflammation.
Did you know collagen is known to naturally rehydrate the skin, preventing the body from over-compensating while producing a large amount of sebum (oil) and therefore breakouts?

Is collagen good for your hair and nails?

The answer to this is yes!  As you get older and collagen depletes, your hair can become thin and lack volume, whilst your nails can become brittle and more prone to breaking. Supplementing your body with collagen will have incredible benefits to both hair and nails. The amino acid chain within collagen will stimulate hair to grow stronger and thicker and help keep your nails from breaking or flaking whilst also speeding up nail growth.

Did you know that collagen is the main component of gut health?

By maintaining your collagen levels with collagen supplements you are ensuring the gut can do its job correctly. Our digestive system holds on to the nutrients it needs to support the organs and their functionality.

Throughout the digestive system, our body holds on to the nutrients it needs in order remove to support the organs and their functionality. But, did you know that collagen is the main component for gut health? This, therefore means you should ensure the gut can do its job correctly by maintaining your collagen levels.


How will collagen support your body?

The benefits don’t just stop at your exterior looks, but the health of the body. Collagen is arguably one of the most important proteins found in the body and is the most abundant protein in all human beings, with over 30% of the body’s total proteins being collagen. The role it plays in supporting your connective tissue (tendons, ligaments and cartilage) is vital, supporting movement and flexibility. If the body is lacking in collagen, movements can become harder to achieve.
Type III collagen, used also within our supplements, has been proven to support wound healing, scar tissue and the decrease of cellulite. From our studies, we have found that after six months of using our collagen*, there is an 11% reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
It is therefore crucial that we maintain the body with collagen replacement, our founder James Greenwell describes collagen as the ‘glue that holds us together’ and ‘the scaffolding of our joint health’.

How effective are your supplements?

The formulas that we use in our supplements contain both Type I and Type III collagen. Because we use bovine collagen, our studies also show that this form is most similar to human collagen, making it far more susceptible to quick results with an outstanding 98.4% absorption rate. Take a look at our results after taking either Pure Collagen Capsules (2500mg), Collagen Shots, Collagen Cordial or Complete Collagen:
After 28 days:
  • 15% increase in skin elasticity
After 56 days:
  • 65% increase in pro collagen I
  • 20% reduction in wrinkle volume
After 6 months:
  • 71% of women said their nails grew faster and stronger
  • 11% reduction in the appearance of cellulite

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