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What is Proto-col collagen?

Collagen is a vital skin protein; it is nature’s own ingredient for keeping our bodies firm, springy and supple. You’ll find collagen not only in skin but in your nails, connective tissues, bones, muscles and blood vessels. It is essential for tissue repair, joint health and cell regeneration.

Described by our founder James as “the glue that holds us together”, collagen is also crucial as a structural protein. It affects the way that we look, feel and move.

Am I losing collagen?

Our bodies naturally produce more collagen for everyday repair and renewal but from our early to mid-20s, the rate of collagen production begins to slow down. This means that every adult is losing collagen as they age.

Scientific studies show that we lose up to 1.5% percent of collagen each year; by the time we are 40, our collagen levels have dropped by 30%. This loss accelerates for women during and after the menopause.

The signs of collagen loss

The signs of collagen loss

While collagen occurs in many parts of the body, it is our faces that help us to most easily gauge the state of our collagen levels. Signs of collagen loss in our skin include:

  • Increase in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Sagging skin and poor skin elasticity.
  • Dry skin that lacks vitality.
  • Cellulite.
  • Slow recovery from skin damage, including acne.

How collagen
supplements help

The results from clinical studies on VERISOL® – the collagen formulation used in our ingestible beauty capsules and drinks - show that collagen supplements can support skin wellbeing.

Ingesting collagen capsules or drinks boosts collagen levels in the body. The key benefit is from the body sensing an abundance of collagen in the system and believing that collagen is being lost. The brain reacts by triggering the production of more collagen and the net result is that extra collagen is available to support skin and tissue renewal.

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Lizzie’s story

Lizzie’s story

Collagen comes in many forms including powders, capsules, liquids and gels and is designed to be used in a number of different ways.

We’ve created a versatile range of clinically-proven formulations that support any lifestyle.

Whether you prefer capsules before bed, a tasty on-the-go gel or diluted cordial for you and the family, Proto-col collagen supplements are an important staple in any beauty & wellness routine.

Clinical studies on our collagen formulation

Clinical studies have demonstrated that collagen supplementation:

Improves appearance of cellulite

Improves growth and quality of finger nails

Increases skin elasticity

Improves wound healing

Reduces wrinkle volume