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Five ways collagen supports your hair

Five ways collagen supports your hair
We’ve probably all looked enviously at the lustrous locks of celebrities and thought, ‘why can’t I have hair like hers?’ If your hair is getting you down, or you just want to give it a boost as part of your overall wellbeing, collagen supplements can help. Let’s look at some of the ways collagen can help you on the road to making every day a good hair day...

1. Collagen can give you more lustrous hair

If you’re fed up of looking in the mirror at thin, lifeless hair, help is at hand. Collagen conditions your hair and stimulates growth, but as we get older, our body’s natural production of collagen slows down - something that happens faster for women than it does for men, particularly after the menopause. 
In fact, scientists agree that by the time you reach 45, you’ve already lost a whopping 30% of your body’s natural collagen. Among other things, this natural loss of collagen can lead to our hair becoming thin and lacklustre. Fortunately, this is a symptom that can be mitigated by taking collagen supplements to bring your collagen levels back up again, so that you can enjoy thicker, stronger hair.
And don’t just take our word for it. It’s actually clinically proven that Proto-col collagen increases your hair thickness, with clinical studies finding a 31% increase in hair follicle cell proliferation rate in an in vitro study of human hair follicles. What’s more, the same study found Bioactive Collagen Peptide® VERISOL achieved changes in hair thickness after 16 weeks in a group of healthy women aged 39-75.

2. Collagen can tackle hair thinning and loss

Hair thinning and loss is distressing, and it’s by no means just something that affects men. According to the NHS, as many as 40% of women aged 70 years or over experience female-pattern baldness - and many more suffer thinning hair as a result of hormonal imbalances arising from the menopause, as well as other triggers such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, illness or childbirth.
A 2016 study found that hair loss is linked to reducing levels of collagen near hair follicle stem cells, and that collagen production can prevent this. That’s because collagen contains some of the amino acids used to build the protein keratin, which is primarily what your hair is made of. Along with a balanced diet, collagen supplements can provide the nutrients needed for keratin production, helping to prevent or minimise hair thinning and loss.

3. Collagen can rejuvenate hair suffering as a result of stress and other external factors

In the midst of a pandemic and a long-drawn-out national lockdown, we’ve all had the stress of having to adapt to a new way of living. For many of us, that’s meant juggling work with childcare, all against the backdrop of social isolation and anxiety about our safety and that of our loved ones. This unprecedented level of stress can cause compounds called free radicals to develop in your body. 
Free radicals can also be triggered by other external factors, such as poor diet, air pollution, alcohol and smoking, and they affect older people more thanks to the fact that our body’s defences against them weaken over time. Research shows that free radicals can damage your hair follicles, along with more general harm to your cells, proteins and DNA.
Your body can fight off damage from free radicals using antioxidants, and that’s where it’s once again collagen to the rescue for promoting healthy hair. Collagen   and tackle free radicals, preventing hair damage. While real-world research on its effects on hair are limited, collagen’s antioxidant properties seem to have the potential to safeguard your hair from the effects of stress and the environment.

4. Collagen may slow greying, as well as keeping coloured and styled hair healthy 

Free radicals are also associated with damage to the cells that produce your hair colour, causing it to go grey. That means that as an antioxidant, collagen also has the potential to slow down the greying process.
What’s more, if you regularly colour your hair, you’ll probably already know that the dyes used to transform your locks contain harsh chemicals that impact your scalp and hair health. Similarly, regular heat styling weakens your hair. That means that taking a collagen supplement to boost keratin production and promote healthy skin is a good idea if you’re addicted to your dyes, straighteners or curling tongs.


5. Collagen contributes to overall wellbeing, which helps your hair

Collagen helps your body in numerous ways, such as helping you achieve suppler joints and more youthful skin, contributing to an overall feeling of wellbeing that has knock-on benefits for your hair. As we’ve already seen, stress creates free radicals, which can damage your hair follicles. With lifestyle and diet an important part of keeping up your overall wellbeing and keeping stress under control, taking health-enhancing supplements is a fantastic way to boost your wellness levels and therefore also your hair. 
Of course, while some supplements - such as our Pure Collagen - package up collagen all by itself, and there are others that incorporate vitamins and minerals that help maintain hair health. For example, our Beauty Collagen and Complete Collagen supplements each contain a powerful blend of nutriments to support your overall health, including biotin and zinc, which specifically also help to maintain healthy hair.

Best collagen supplements for hair


So, what are the best collagen supplements for hair? If you’re looking for a supplement that fits seamlessly into your life, it’s hard to beat our refreshingly fruity Beauty Collagen, which improve your hair thickness with 10 000mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® along with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals including biotin, zinc and copper. Alternatively, you could go with our ever-popular Pure Collagen, which is even an award winner for hair benefits in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 and a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2020!

Find out more about the benefits of collagen and browse our collagen beauty supplements to get started on your journey towards healthier hair.
Written by guest blogger Rachel Ramsay.