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Protein smoothie for recovery

Protein smoothie for recovery
We’re compiling a list of favourite smoothie recipes and we’d love to hear about the ingredients that you love to include. Tell us what you love to smoothie or email us your recipes. Smoothies are a great way to pack nutritious foods into your diet and the thick, shake-like format makes them easy and delicious to consume. Here’s a favorite recipe from Matt on the proto-col natural nutrition team. Matt’s a distance runner and uses this combination to aid recovery after a long, muddy run.   GREEN BERRY BLAST by Matt Exley

“My base for most smoothies is frozen bananas and natural yogurt. If I ever see bananas looking brown and old in the house, I peel and chop them before bagging and freezing them. Bananas deliver manganese to encourage wound recovery and they’re also rich invitamin B6.”

  GREEN BERRY BLAST by Matt Exley 1-2 Frozen chopped bananas 3 Tablespoons natural low fat yogurt 1 Handful of blackberries or other red berries 1-2 Handfuls of chopped kale leaves or other greens (stalks removed) 1 Teaspoon green magic superfood powder 1 Scoop of strawberry pro gold protein, or similar protein   Peanut butter – I add a fat teaspoon of Meridian peanut butter to most smoothies as this gives a dollop of protein and add richness to the blend. Blackberries – Along with the creamy banana, blackberries add some sweetness. I pick lots in the autumn and freeze bags of them to throw into my smoothies. They’re rich in vitamin C. Kale – I grow a few veggies at the bottom of my garden and right now I have some kale awaiting the autumn frosts. I trim out the stalks and then roughly chop it into the smoothie maker. Like other cruciferous vegetables, kale is rich in antioxidants and is packed with vitamins A, K and C plus loads of trace minerals. Green superfood powder – I use green magic powder (insert link) to boost the nutrient load in the smoothie. Just a teaspoon of this stuff packs a punch or plant-based protein plus loads of other goodies that plug the gaps in my nutrient intake. Protein powder – A scoop of my favourite protein gives this recipe a final protein punch to aid recovery after a long, off-road run. I added strawberry flavor pro gold to this blend. It’s loaded with branch chain amino acids and also has collagen to support my connect tissue recovery. Tell us your favourite smoothie ideas and additions and maybe we’ll publish your recipe. Find other ideas here