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James's top 5 favourites

James's top 5 favourites

As James celebrates his Birthday, we celebrate all of our wonderful goods that he has helped developed first hand. From picking the ingredients, helping package and deliver, to talking to customers about which might suit their needs best. Take a walk through his favourites with us:


Complete Collagen

Our newest member of the collagen supplement crew, Complete Collagen contains the strongest blend of collagen we have produced yet. With 8000mg of collagen goodness in a single sachet, these orange flavoured treats will also supply the body with a variety of vitamins and minerals. The daily collagen drink contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, biotin, zinc, copper and vitamin E.

James takes one a day to ensure he maintains vibrant skin and supports his active body. The collagen helps maintain smooth skin and prevents signs of ageing while it also takes care of normal joints, soft tissue repair, and supports strong muscles. With such a high bioavailability, James knows that once he takes one after a workout in the morning his body will be supported throughout the day.

 “Our bodies can age in a variety of ways; some are visible and others include the body and the way that we feel. I recommend Complete Collagen to both my sporting friends and female friends who need a boost in their collagen and are worried about ageing- they can age anywhere from 30-70, it’s never too late for collagen. From the age of 20, our bodies start depleting collagen by approximately 1.5% per year and even more so once women enter menopause. Our collagen supplements help to promote natural collagen production.”- Proto-col CEO and founder, James Greenwell.


Collagen Capsules (120 capsules)

These have been with James since Proto-col began, Collagen Capsules are the ultimate go-to for anyone needing a boost in their collagen levels. Scientists have rigorously tested these collagen supplements, VERISOL® unique formulation of bovine collagen means not only are they highly bioavailable but get to work inside the body much quicker. James suggests taking in the evening when the body's cells are renewal in your sleep, however choosing a convenient time that suits you is just as effective.

 While James takes these daily to support his normal joint function and soft tissue repair, he recognises the science that proves how efficient they are at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen Capsules support the wellbeing of the skin, activating right at the dermal layer of the skin, giving a smooth, firm and hydrated appearance. 

 Described James as “the glue that holds us together”, collagen is also crucial as a structural protein. It affects the way that we look, feel, and move.

Collagen Capsules have been scientifically to boost the body's production of pro collagen I by 65%, increase skin elastin by 15%, and reduce wrinkle volume from 20%. You can visibly notice and feel the difference after taking regularly in as little as 4-8 weeks. 


Moisturising Facial Gel 

This feather-light moisturiser uses anti-ageing properties to actively rejuvenate the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. This simple formulation increases the skin's hydration levels and improves appearance to look healthy and dewy. 

 “You will find a jar of Moisturising Facial Gel in my sports bag to replenish skin after a workout in all weathers, in my bathroom cabinet to apply when I get ready for the day and before bed as well as in my overnight bag whenever I’m away or travelling.”- Explains James.

 Formulated into a silky and light blend, this moisturiser contains plant-derived collagen which nourishes and naturally plumps the skin. Reducing the appearance of lines, this facial gel contains Aloe Vera known for its soothing properties. Using exceptional quality fresh royal jelly, the skin can benefit from its natural antibiotic pantothenic acid and the 18 amino acids that it contains.


Collagen Hand Gel

 Another new addition to the team, this hand gel is formulated with 70% alcohol to safely clean and protect the hands. Featuring Aloe Vera and plant collagen this formula helps to moisture the skin, meaning this hand gel is great for on the go protection and nourishment.

Used by members of the NHS and other keyworkers, Collagen Hand Gel lies closely to James’s heart. After donating bottles throughout these difficult times, James was keen to ensure those busy hands remain clean and conditioned so they can carry on with their great work.


Skincare range 

 Picking Moisturising Facial Gel as his top go-to was a difficult decision for James because Proto-col’s skincare range are all fond and familiar favourites. Designed to nourish, protect, heal and moisturise, this skincare collection has been specifically formulated to compliment the skins natural goodness with ingredients such as aloe Vera, witch hazel, vitamin C and SPF protecting properties.

James has worked on this range from concept, formulation to packaging. Being so hands-on with the range means he has been able to understand areas that need improving, which skincare are classic favourites with our customers and how they all prove to be so effective.