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4 Ways to get a natural full night's sleep

4 Ways to get a natural full night's sleep

Being surrounded with uncertainty can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, from constant news reports and constant worry on everyone’s minds, getting a full night’s sleep seems out of reach. Getting enough sleep is key for the body to function properly and the mind to be reset but not getting enough sleep can specifically affect your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. To contrast, these negative impacts, getting a healthy amount of sleep can help your diet, exercise better, and feel more energised. Follow these steps to help support your wellbeing and get a natural full night’s sleep.


1) Try not to consume too much caffeine

Although a caffeine boost is needed from time to time, or being part of your routine to get your mornings started, having too much can affect the mind and keep your brain wired into the night. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from naturally relaxing into the evening. Try getting a natural energy boost mid-afternoon from Green Magic’s 16 superfoods instead.


2) Increase your exposure to light during the day

Your body’s natural clock is ticking along to the rhythm of the amount of light your eyes are exposed to. Making sure that you get enough natural daylight throughout the day can not only help you wake up naturally in the morning but feel ready to rest later in the evening. Not only this but absorbing natural daylight in the day helps to boost your natural vitamin D levels. If you’re deficient in vitamin D, shop here. Avoid bright artificial lights late into the evening to allow your mind to rest and to fall into a natural sleep much easier.


Stick to consistent times

The best way for your body to naturally prepare itself for routine sleep is to train the body clock to wake up at certain times and sleep at certain times. This doesn’t have to be the same exact time every morning or evening, but sticking to a window of 30 minutes either side can help the body to relax naturally and feel ready to sleep/wake up.


Avoid napping habits

A power nap can be welcomed mid-afternoon or in the evening, however, they can negatively affect your quality of sleep and create an irregular body clock pattern. Perhaps try to stick to a short power nap around 20-40 minutes to boost your energy and improve productivity and brain function.


Look after your wellbeing and get the right vitamins. Here are just a few from our collection:


Complete Collagen 

A daily collagen drink blended to support vibrant skin and an active body. Featuring two specific types of Bioactive Collagen Peptides it is proven to not only support the scaffolding of the body; skin, hair, and nails but supports the joints and maintains normal muscular structure. This gel contains 8000mg of collagen goodness as well as other supporting minerals and vitamins including vitamin C, B6, E and biotin, zinc, and copper. A perfect supplement to take in the morning, afternoon or evening.


Green Magic 

A daily supplement which is bursting with superfoods that work together to contribute towards overall health and wellbeing. We don’t need much to be able to trace the vital minerals and vitamins our body’s need to function, but if you don’t eat the right foods, you can miss out on them. Helping to fight fatigue, this natural boost of energy will power you though the day meaning you can avoid habits such as drinking too much coffee or long naps.


Vita Balance

This wide spectrum vitamin supplement provides a wealth of minerals, vitamins, bioflavonoids and a special herbal complex to restore and rebalance the body’s overall wellness. Bringing you antioxidants and immune system supporting properties this supplement is vital to fill the gaps you may not get naturally from other foods in your current diet.


Tumeric Extract

A high strength combination of curcumin, turmeric’s active component, and vitamin D3 to support the webbing of the immune system. To support your body throughout the day, this natural antioxidant has also been partnered with vitamin D3 to get the ultimate support for the immune system as well as bones and muscle function.


Red Magic

This special blend of antioxidants captures the nutritional power of berries, seeds and plant extracts to deliver 15 vibrant ingredients. Each serving delivers 10,000 units of ORAC (the equivalent of around 15 portions of fruit and vegetables). The high nutrient load promotes cellular renewal and repair.