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Facts about Proto-col to celebrate our 16th Birthday

Facts about Proto-col to celebrate our 16th Birthday

Enjoy our 16 facts about Proto-col as we celebrate our 16th Birthday.

1. Did you know we launched as one of the first collagen brands in the UK back in 2003?

2. We have actively chosen to use biodegradable ink on all of new outer packaging boxes

3. In 2004 we launched our skincare range

4. We are based in the rural town of Westbury, known for its famous Wiltshire White Horse and views

5. Olympic athletes rely on our products to perform at their best

6. We have 21 team members based in the UK

7. The stripes on our new packaging represent the running track familiar to our founder and elite athlete, James Greenwell

8. The brand initially launched with Collagen Capsules

9. We have a sister brand called Forbes Feet, a luxury foot care range

10. Last year alone we manufactured 76 million Collagen Capsules

11. Did you know we have a wellness clinic situated underneath our main offices where therapists deliver our signature Express Collagen Facial and provide training?

12. We have had over 80 product lines

13. We regularly appear on ITV television in partnership with Ideal World

14. Creating a new product takes us around 14 months of trial and testing

15. James Greenwell still competes in sport and become a world champion in 2018

16. The Proto-col team gets a monthly allowance so we can regularly trial and test the products