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Keeping a tab on your wellbeing

Keeping a tab on your wellbeing
In response to instructions to self-isolate in recent weeks, many of us are having to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. 
Following the advice of the public health professionals can help stop the virus, however, your fitness and mental wellbeing could suffer while you are in isolation.
You can follow these tips to help you maintain your wellbeing:
Stick to a routine
Get up at and go to bed at your usual time, have a shower, carry out your skincare routine, get dressed, have your breakfast when you normally do.
Maintaining a daily routine is important to help you cope better. If you are working from home you should implement a schedule just like you'd do at work but ensure you do not spend too much time staring at a screen. Set up a timer to remind you to move at least every hour.
Eat healthily
A healthy diet can help keep your immune system working at its best. Make sure you consume balanced and nutritious food with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats. A nutritious meal will keep you fuller for longer and it will stop you from snacking.
Whilst you are stuck at home it is very tempting to sit on the couch, watch Netflix and overindulge. Avoid boredom snacking and try implementing vitamin supplements into your diet, shop our range here.
Don't forget to exercise
While under instruction from the government, try to keep moving as much as possible as well as getting outdoors.
 If you used to go to the gym you can get an at-home workout (there are lots of suggestions online and YouTube videos). Perhaps spend time creating your own and sharing on social media.
Use your time outdoors wisely, make the most of the sunshine to boost your vitamin D levels. If you have a garden you could jump on that trampoline or do some gardening. Relax with a book or just enjoy being around trees and plants which can uplift your mood.
Stay in touch 
Contact friends and family if you cannot see them whilst in isolation. There are several apps that allow you to video chat such as FaceTime and Skype so that you can view callers and vice versa. 
Reaching out to loved ones can reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety you may have whilst quarantining or social distancing.
These four suggestions may help you maintain your well-being during isolation but shouldn’t be considered as medical advice.
If you have concerns about your mental well-being while you’re in quarantine, please contact your mental health professional.